Our Services

PC / MAC / TABLET Hardware Repair

If you need your desktop/latop/ tablet repair performed, we are the pros to do it. The reason for that is we have college trained technicians with real world experience, not youtube video freaks. The most common reason for desktops / laptops be repaired is that they actually have some sort of malware on them that prevent the computer from behaving normally.

Data Backup & Recover

We know its easy to forget to make copies of our most important pictures, documents, movies, and music. Physical spinning hard drives will die one day no matter what you do to keep them alive. Their death is inevitable, and data backup is crucial to carry out before their death occurs, but if that time has passed, we can still help.

Virus Removal & Windows Repair

We all get them from time to time no matter where on the internet we go. Its impossible to get around the fact that you will get some Malware at one point no matter what. Even the safest geeks get infected with a mistaken click on a Facebook page and that is why you will need a virus removal service performed at some point.

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