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What is Data Backup ???

To us at RPCS it means that you are very thorough when it comes to backing up and preparing for a catastrophic data loss situation.  Physical spinning hard drives will die one day no matter what you do to keep them alive.  Their death is inevitable, and data backup is crucial to carry out before their death occurs.  So, the best practice is to copy all your important data to a external USB flash drive, hard drive, or DVD’s/Blue ray for they sake of your data’s protection.  One day you will be very thankful that the amount of forethought put into keeping your data safe with a data backup will allow you to recover from what would be otherwise a major loss.

One of the services we offer is online data backup so you may recover from data loss in the comfort of your own home, or you may simply access your data on the go without having Microsoft or Google in control of what you have stored online.  It makes sense to hide things in a smaller safe doesn’t it?  Trust us for your data backup needs in the Clearwater area or nationwide.

We do provide data backup services onsite, and remotely for home users, or business’s as well.  The amount of storage space you need can be calculated for you and we will be more than happy to determine what your needs are for you ahead of time.

Network area storage is another alternative in preparing your data backups, and we do have experience setting them up and keeping them running for our customers.  They do offer an affordable alternative to offsite backups but they are susceptible to power outages just like the rest of the equipment in your office space.

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